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Norma School is a private training institution based in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala State in India. It is an initiative of Norma Research, one of the most trusted research and analytics houses in the country, established in the year 2000. Norma School takes every effort to “formulate, carry out and constantly improve various training programmes for professional excellence and career build-up in academics, business and government using innovative, intensive and informal modes of learning.”


Norma School offers various training programmes in research and analytics, keeping interdisciplinary nature. The school delivers training through its various pre-scheduled and customized private programmes delivered through offline and online modes, on-site programmes, video tutorials and handbooks. Norma School offers an encouraging environment for stress-free learning with 100 per cent ‘hands-on’ experience.


Norma School is endowed with an experienced team of consultants and a dynamic team of professional trainers from various domains. The work team consists of research methodologists, database experts, statisticians, data analysts,  and master programmers with rich work experience.

Dr. Binoy John KV


More than 25 years of experience in professional research and teaching. With academics from the University of Kerala, Trivandrum and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, he has worked as Lecturer in Econometrics, Data Analyst, and Project Director in various institutions/projects. Founder and CEO of Norma Research, India.

Dr. Sreenivas M

Consultant (Quantitative Methods)

Professional experience of more than 30 years in applied data analysis in various domains with different research firms in India and abroad. Worked for international brands of consumer durables in Gulf and Middle East countries. Expertise includes multivariate analysis for product designing and data mining techniques for product life cycles analysis.

Dr. Philip MP

Consultant (Econometrics)

Research and teaching experience in Econometrics and Quantitative Methods for more than 26 years. Academics from University of Kerala and CUSAT, India. Worked as Professor and Head, PG Department of Economics, St. Berchmans' College and as Chairman of various academic bodies of different universities in Kerala, India.

Catherine Jane

Consultant (AI and Machine Learning)

As a postgraduate in Data Science and working professional in Machine Learning, she remains updated with the latest developments in the application of data science for airline operations management. She has worked extensively on developing operational and simulation models for managing airline traffic in major international airports.

Dr. Joe Joseph

Consultant (Qualitative Methods)

Dental Surgeon and Public Health researcher with rich experience in Qualitative Methods. Worked as Professor and Head, Department of Dental Public Health of various medical institutes. Carried out various projects for the Department of Science and Technology - Government of India, Indian Council of Medical Research, and Colgate Palmolive India Ltd.

Dr. Sreedhar S Rao

Consultant (Structural Equation Modelling)

Academics in Management with a background in Electrical Engineering. He has worked on customer experience research in the telecom sector for various national and international operators. He possesses more than 10 years of experience in research and analytics. His expertise includes modelling and measurement of customer experience with customised SEM models.

Rubina Anwar

Consultant (Time Series Analysis & Forecasting)

Young researcher with three years of experience in temporal analysis, statistical simulations and forecasting. Hailing from Banglore, she completed her academics in Delhi, India and Cairo, Egypt. She has been involved in major research projects for United Nations Development Programmes and for USAID. Her interest includes financial analytics and risk analytics.

Najma Maria Binoy

Consultant (Visual Analytics)

Experience in database management and data analytics for 15 years. Has worked for more than 100 national and international research projects. Expertise in visual analytics using various software including Tableau. Has generated dashboards and result deployment for different projects. Has been coordinating the training programmes at Norma School from its inception.


Norma School possesses sophisticated infrastructure and environment for providing its training programmes, through online and offline modes. It includes serene office space with state of the art computer facilities and internet connectivity, lecture halls, a digital library, the latest versions of software, a multimedia studio, platform for desktop publishing and; facilities for reprography and documentation.


Norma School has conducted more than 250 training programmes and has trained more than 3000 participants from different walks of professional life. Details of the participants and institutions can be found here. Norma School stands as the best sought after destination for training in data analytics in the State of Kerala. Market share figures in the chart are based on internal research. 

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