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Norma School offers training programmes in various topics in research and data analytics at international standards. List of the programmes and the details of each one of them are available on this website itself. Visit the page https://normaschool.com/programmes
All programmes are offered offline (in physical classrooms) and online (live instructor-led).
Yes. Content and duration in hours remain the same for the online and offline modes of programmes. The only difference is the time span of the programmes. The offline (classroom) programmes span from 3 to 12 full days whereas online (live instructor-led) programmes span 1 to 3 months. The details are available on the specific pages of each training programme
The programmes are designed for those would aspire to master them. Policy /Decision Makers, Consultants, Analysts, Researchers, Teachers, Business Executives, NGO activists and Students will find the programme highly useful.
Norma School adopts innovative, intensive, and informal approaches in all of its training programmes. All the programmes are innovatively designed to make them comprehensible to beginners. At the same time, the intensive approach transforms the beginner into an expert within the designed time frame. Norma School believes in and practices an informal approach to learning. Coupled with a serene atmosphere and state-of-the-art technological platform, Norma School delivers the professional ability to you. You can enhance your professional competency as well as build up a career in data analytics.
Admission is open to all graduates of any discipline with computer literacy. All basic programmes are designed in such a way that any computer literate without any prior exposure to the topic can derive expertise.
You need not to be! If you are a computer literate, you can make use of the courses. Surely, you must be a computer literate! Those who are familiar with software will naturally have an advantage.
Please don't! Statistics is a great toolbox in which you will find a number of extremely useful tools for your purposes. All the training programmes which involve Statistics, give you the fundamentals of the subject in the simplest possible way. After the completion of the training programme you will wonder how much you love statistics!
Great! The training programmes at Norma School will surely save you a lot of time and money! They enable you to collect, manage, analyse and interpret your data systematically and more efficiently. And; you can do it yourself! It will save you from going panicking near the deadline!
All the programmes start with the basics and crucial preliminaries and; ends with selected advanced topics. The session-specific details of the coverage of each programme can be found on the web pages of the programmes. All the programmes at Norma School are 100% hands-on training programme. Lecturing will be supported with videos, presentation slides, course materials. All sessions will be covered with exercises on sample data sets. Online programme participants may make sure that they have access to two devices: one to watch the live class and the other one to learn by doing the hands-on lessons.
Yes. Each participant will be provided with e-books, course materials, presentation slides, videos, avaialble free software. All offline programme participants will be provided with required stationery materials also.
Successful completion of the programme entitles you to a certificate of participation from Norma School.
Sure. Upon request from the participants, Norma School recommends them to placement enquires made to the School from various institutions and agencies within and outside the country. But kindly note that participation in the training programmes will not entitle you for any placement offer.
The registration process is very simple. Submit the Registration Form available on the website of Norma School. You will be requested to make the fee payment by account transfer.The seat is confirmed as soon as the fee payment is realised. Seats are allotted on the basis of first come first serve.
For the offline (classroom) programmes, lunch, tea and refreshments on the training days are provided at the venue. Accommodation is not provided, but upon your request, comfortable places of stay may be recommended to you.
Registration is not transferable to another person but it may be transferred to the future conduct of the same programmes for the same person. The transfer will be subject to the availability of seats in the future schedule of the programme.
Only 50 percent of the fee will be refunded in the event of the participant cancelling the registration before seven days of the commencement of the training programme. The fee will not be refunded if the cancellation is done within seven days before the commencement of the training programme.
Norma School tries its level best efforts to stick to the announced dates. Only in an utmost emergency situation only, we may postpone a programme. In the event of postponement of a training programme by Norma School, participants may opt for a full refund of the fee or for participation in the programme on the next scheduled dates.

If you have any further questions, kindly contact us. We are always happy to help you!

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