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Norma School welcomes you to the learning path that includes a combination of four training programmes, to transform you into a Professional Social Analyst. In this path, you will learn in-demand skills that will have you employment-ready in eight months. Graduates of any discipline with an analytical mind are welcome! Post-graduate students can come out as Professional Social Analysts along with their completion of studies.

Become a Social Analyst

Social analysts play a crucial role in studying and understanding various aspects of human society, behavior, and culture. Their primary job is to collect, analyze, and interpret data related to social phenomena, trends, and issues.

Job Profile for social analysts include research design, data collection, data analysis, report writing, policy development, social impact assessment and public engagement/outreach. Social Analysts have a very strong job prospects with government agencies, non-profit organizations, academia, market research firms, consulting firms, think tanks, healthcare and social services, international organizations such as the United Nations and World Bank.

Job prospects for social analysts can vary depending on factors such as the specific field of expertise, geographic location, and level of experience and education. Overall, the demand for skilled social analysts is expected to remain strong as organizations and governments continue to rely on data-driven decision-making to address complex social issues. A strong background in research methods, data analysis, and communication skills is essential for success in this field.


The learning path to the career goal of a professional social analyst includes four training programmes starting from Basic Data Analytics, Multivariate Data Analysis, Qualitative Data Analysis and Analytical Tools for Social Research. These four programmes will help you to gain true professional expertise in social analytics and analytical software tools including Microsoft Excel, IBM SPSS Statistics, Qualitative data analysis software like NVivo, and specific Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

The four programmes include over 192 hours of instruction and hundreds of hands-on practices, which will help you to gain capabilities that are critical for success in the workplace. In addition to the expert training and hands-on practices, you will complete capstone projects in four training programmes that you can share with potential employers to showcase your new skill sets.

You can complete the programmes one by one at easy phases, at your convenience, either offline or online. The Programme Calendar of the current year lists the scheduled conducts of the programmes. Completion of each programme entitles you to the certification at that level. Completion of all the programmes earns you the certification as a professional social analyst. You can complete the programmes and earn the certification in eight months.



Combination of four programmes
Completion of four training programmes entitles you as Professional Social Analyst


Completion of each programme brings certification at that level; all four programmes, get you certified as a Professional Social Analyst


Option for Offline or Online Modes
You may opt for offline or online or a mix of modes for the training programmes. 


Flexible Schedule
Join the programmes at your convenience. Plan your trainings by Programme Calendar.


Zero background assumption
All graduates are welcome! You need not be a maths or computer wizard!


Become a Social Analyst within a year
You can complete all five training programmes within eight months; or within a time frame convenient to you!

Easy Fee Payments
No need to pay or commit the entire fee in advance. You pay fees only when you join each programme. 

The Programmes

Basic Data Analytics with IBM SPSS Statistics

Learn the basics of data analytics including data preparation, fundamentals of Statistics, exploratory data analysis, inferential techniques and analysis of relationships. You get an introduction to multivariate techniques too.

Course Duration: 6 Days (offline) / 2 Months (online). Know More.

Multivariate Data Analytics with IBM SPSS Statistics

The programme gives clear exposition to the fifteen different multivariate techniques, the context of the use of each one, and case studies from different domains. This training will open up unlimited analytical possibilities before you!

Course Duration: 6 Days (offline) / 2 Months (online). Know More.

Qualitative Data Analysis and Software

This programme aims to equip the participants with the amazing techniques to gather and analyse non-quantitative data - text, documents, images, audio, video and many more. Learn it with state-of-the-art software. 

Course Duration: 6 Days (offline) / 2 Months (online). Know More.

Analytical Tools for Social Research

This programme brings together data analytics and visualizations. It will build up talents in integrating interactive visual representations with underlying analytical processes to facilitate data-driven decision-making effectively.

Course Duration: 6 Days (offline) / 2 Months (online). Know More.


The total fee for all the five training programmes ranges from INR 1,38,000 / USD 1765 (online) to INR 2,76,000 / USD 3530 (offline). GST will be extra. Fee depends upon the combination of the modes of programmes (online or offline) you choose. 

No need to pay or commit the entire fee in advance! You need to pay the fee for each training programme only when you join for it. 


Sure. You need to complete all the four training programmes to get certified as a Professional Social Analyst.
No need. You complete the programmes one by one. At each stage you will get certification of that stage. You need not commit to do all the programmes.
Sure. Its your choice. You can do some/all programmes by online and others/all by offline.

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Welcome to a new and enjoyable learning experience that will turn you into a Professional Social Analyst! If need clarifications or help, please contact us.
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