Corporate Trainings

If you have a team (large group or just a few people) that requires a uniform level of knowledge, then Corporate Training programmes from Norma School is a smart decision. Norma School offers the most cost-effective corporate training programmes. They are offered as Private Trainings and as Onsite Trainings.

Private Trainings

Get your team trained exclusively as a group at Norma School. The training can be delivered as an offline (classroom) or as an online (live instructor-led) programme. There are unlimited benefits from having training delivered by Norma School exclusively for you and your colleagues. 

Onsite Trainings

Get your team trained at your own place and convenience. No need to send your entire department away for so many days. An experienced Norma School faculty will sit alongside key decision-makers within your organization to devise a curriculum that matches the requirements of your institution. Such curriculum could range from introductory level courses to the most sophisticated techniques.

Act Smart!

Corporate Trainings from Norma School get you:

report.png  Training needs analysis for your organisation.
customisation.png  Customisation of programmes built around your requirements.
materials.png  Learning material created specifically for you.
data.png  Working on the real data sets from your organisation, if preferred.
faculty.png  Service of an experienced faculty focusing on your organisation.
followup.png  Follow up programmes.
savings.png  Significant savings on time, efforts, travel, and cost!

Every year Norma School provides private training programmes for a number of organisations. From colleges to universities, small enterprises to multinationals, Norma School has successfully provided organisations with the skills they require to face the challenges before them.

Ask for an estimate or ask for help in deciding the best possible corporate training for your team. Act smart!

Call us on +91-9037412343, we are always happy to talk to you.

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